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Training held for Serbian senior experts

From 8th to 10th May 2013, a meeting was held in the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pančevo for Serbian senior experts to be trained by Romanian experts, under the Project “Support to SME – The Wheel of Development in the Region”.

The three-day training given by Romanian experts to their counterparts in South and Middle Banat involved presenting their experiences in the field of mentoring including the development of key mentoring skills, developing mentoring relationships, and the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes of this process.

Upon completion of the training, the Serbian senior experts will share their knowledge with young, college-educated, unemployed people – the junior experts. Professional teams, which will consist of one senior and two junior experts, will work directly with the owners of 60 selected companies in identifying problems or faults in their operation and propose plans for future development.

Senior experts are people with many years experience in business, law, economics and management. Young junior experts will have the theoretical knowledge in these areas and be willing to work towards their development and improvement through the process of mentoring. In this way, youth and experience will be combined to work together to improve SME business in the territory of South and Middle Banat.

The training included 10 senior and 20 junior experts from Banat.

This type of interaction allows business owners to improve their knowledge and management skills as well as gain an insight into new business techniques, especially in the field of economics, law and management. In addition, SMEs will have the opportunity to experience the collaborative process of mentoring within the Project and meet young, unemployed experts. This will create the opportunity to establish cooperation between enterprises and young experts as well as the opportunity of permanent employment for these young people in the future.