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Training held for Serbian junior experts

On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th May, in the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pančevo, Serbian junior experts received training under the Project “Support to SME – The Wheel of Development in the Region”.

Serbian junior experts are young, highly educated, unemployed people who are interested in acquiring new knowledge and skills and applying them in practice. This Cross-Border Project will enable a group of 10 junior experts to prepare through this two-day training for company visits and to participate in the mentoring process in South Banat Region.


During this Project activity, trainers – Serbian senior experts who are businessmen with years of experience in the fields of law, economics and management – were tasked with explaining and clarifying the concept of mentoring to the young junior experts in order to make them interested and motivated to work together on identifying problems and defining the development potential of 30 small and medium-sized enterprises, which have been selected as a target group in this Cross-Border Project.

After training, teams consisting of one senior and two junior experts will be formed in order to provide free mentoring services to selected companies. This approach will allow owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses to be helped by the introduction and application of different techniques to define the current problems and then find ways to solve them in order to achieve positive changes in their business.

For a number of junior experts, company visits may provide an opportunity for employment or give them an additional incentive to consider starting their own independent business.