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Study tour by senior and junior experts of the Cross-Border Project led by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pančevo

Between 21 and 23 August 2013, senior and junior experts from South and Central Banat and members of the project team visited Resita within the project „Support to SME – the wheel of development in the region“.

Visiting this Romania city in the district of Caras Severin provided an opportunity for the Serbian and Romanian consultants who are working with small and medium-sized enterprises to share experiences and knowledge in this field and to establish some specific forms of business cooperation, thereby contributing to the promotion of economic development of the border region.

During the study tour, a meeting between experts – Serbian and Romanian consultants – was held in the presence of project partners and interested businessmen.

The experiences of Serbian senior and junior experts in dealing with representatives of 60 small and medium-sized enterprises were presented at this meeting, and both providers and users of consulting services for the project certainly responded in terms of positive feedback.

It was acknowledged that the marketplace of consulting services in Romania does not differ significantly from the Serbian market when it comes to the needs and possibilities for this process to promote and raise awareness of the importance of consulting for improving the competitiveness of the economy.

On the second day, the participants of the study tour were the guests of enterprises from Resita -companies from the food industry and hydroengineering – and visited some of the local tourist sites.