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Project activities

The main project activities

Training for the Serbian senior experts – a three-day seminar

Romanian experts in economics, law and management will share their knowledge and experience with senior experts from Pančevo and Zrenjanin, especially on key topics that are vital to the process of mentoring.

Senior experts shall be people with experience and knowledge who are interested in sharing their skills and knowledge with younger colleagues.

Training for the Serbian junior experts – two-day training

Knowledge and experience of senior experts will be transferred to highly educated unemployed people who want to learn and participate in the provision of consultancy services.

First visit to companies – 30 companies from South Banat and 30 companies from Central Banat

Teams of senior and junior experts will visit a selected group of companies to look into current problems affecting business. Senior experts will play a key role in this project activity.

Problem analysis

Junior experts will prepare an analysis for all visited companies, based on the information obtained in interviews with the directors, managers and employees. This analysis will involve defining problems and proposing resolutions. Senior experts will scrutinize the conduct of the junior experts.

Second visits to companies

Junior experts will visit a selected group of companies and present the identified problems to the directors and managers as well as the proposed solutions and how to implement them in practice.

Study tour

A group of experts and members of the project team from Serbia will pay a visit to consulting companies in Romania, in order to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as to promote cooperation on issues of economic development in the border region.

Third visit to companies

Senior and junior expert teams will carry out joint visits to companies in order to determine what proposed solutions were implemented in practice and whether the problems identified were resolved.

Visits in Romania

Romanian senior experts will visit several small and medium-sized enterprises and in the interviews with their directors and managers will provide consultation and advice on the particular area of ​​business.

B2B meeting – two-day meeting

Representatives of 30 Serbian and 30 Romanian companies will attend a meeting in Reșița, to support the development of new partnerships and the provision of a competitive market for the sale of products and services.

Round-table – two-day meeting

Employees of the chamber system, with the support of Serbian and Romanian experts in the fields of consulting, will attend a meeting in Pančevo to discuss the possibilities of enhancing the delivery of consulting services to their members.

Media promotion

Promotion of the project activities will be one of the most important objectives of the project. The content of TV, radio and newspaper articles will refer to the importance of the role of the EU in solving the problems and challenges of SME in the border regions, promotion of mutual efforts and mutual cooperation to improve the competitiveness of SME and promotion of a new approach to company management.

Conferences – at the beginning and end of the project

The opening conference is intended to inform the general public about planned activities, expected results as well as discussions of representatives of enterprises and institutions from the Serbian and Romanian sides, and on ways to promote the economic development of the border region.

The opening conference will be held in Pančevo, while it is planned to hold the closing conference in Reșița.