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Professional teams of senior and junior experts have completed the first company visits in South Banat

In the first half of June 2013, South Banat senior and junior experts, divided into five teams and accompanied by representatives of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pančevo completed their first visit to a group of small and medium-sized enterprises within the Project „Support to SME – the wheel of development in the Region“, funded by the EU within the framework of the second Call of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Serbia.

This group of 30 companies from different manufacturing and service industries have shown an interest and need for business analysis to be conducted, through the use of free consulting services provided by the Project, in order to improve their market position.

These company visits provided the first opportunity for talks with the owners and senior management on the key issues affecting current business operations and developmental problems and challenges.

Since this first contact formed the basis for diagnosing conditions, and the fact that such field work is not an easy task, the key role in this phase was played by Serbian senior experts.

Junior experts were asked to „record and store“ the data, along with information, answers and impressions that were received or observed during the interview or tour of the manufacturing plants and commercial premises of each company.

Just how successful this first phase was will be demonstrated in the next phase of the Project which will focus on the production of specific analytical documents for all 30 companies.

The analysitical focus will differ from company to company, from the elements of financial analysis, the requirements of a quality management system and the areas of production and sales to the related issues of marketing and strategic development.

It is not surprising that the first impressions of the participants in this relatively new business concept in our region, suggest that more investment is needed at the individual and company/institution level in order to achieve actual results and improve the consulting services process in the field of business.

The sector shows a willingness to make progress in terms of the continuous learning of consultants and the demands of clients, while respecting the principle that consultants do not „run the show“, and cannot „liberate“ the owner or manager from the responsibilities of the decision making process.

Visibility coordinator
Daliborka Ivanović, B.ECC.