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Final Press Conference held

The media conference was held on 17th December 2013 at the offices of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pančevo to mark the completion of the Project „Support to SME – the Wheel of Development in the Region“, which was funded by the EU within the framework of the second Call of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Serbia.

According to Mr Dragan Bosilja, the President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pančevo, the successful implementation of this Cross-Border Project including the realisation of the planned results and their effects, did not simply reflect the success of the work done by all three partner institutions, but was also undoubtedly due to the contribution from the other participants – the small and medium-sized enterprises and the senior and junior experts. He pointed out that the problems that were recorded during interviews with the owners and directors of the SMEs selected, confirmed the justification of the Project idea that the consulting service market in Serbia and Romania had the potential for development, that many companies are not able to solve all business problems on their own and that at this time of comprehensive and growing market changes there is very good help available „from outside“. Entrepreneurs have shown an interest and willingness to put into practice the solutions and recommendations proposed by the teams of junior and senior experts.

Mr Zoran Černoh, the Project Manager spoke about the timeline of Project activities, the direct and indirect effects of one year’s work with businessmen, consultants and unemployed young people, and about other details that have contributed to the presence of the Project in the media.
Mr Radomir Topalov, Deputy Director of the Regional Centre for Socio-Economic Development of Banat in Zrenjanin expressed his gratitude that his institution was a partner in the Project, which has enabled a number of young, educated people to gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to more easily find a job or to decide to manage their own businesses.

Mr Bogdan Păunescu, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Karaš–Severin, which was the third partner in the Project, shared the opinion of his colleagues that to work on the implementation of this Cross-Border Project was a very interesting and rewarding experience, and he repeated that there was no lack of success in the achievement of the planned objectives and outcomes.