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Completion of the analysis of 30 small and medium-sized enterprises in South Banat

Following their initial company visits, the South Banat junior experts from the project „Support to SME – the Wheel of Development in the Region“ were responsible for the difficult task of performing the analysis on the 30 selected companies, firstly by using all the available data from the authorised institutions, including the information and answers they obtained during interviews with owners and managers, but also by applying the knowledge and skills acquired during their training.

This is a group of 30 companies from different manufacturing and service industries, who have shown an interest and need for the use of free consulting services provided by the Project to improve their market position.

All analyses were performed using similar methodology – the document contains basic information about the company, the history and characteristics of the business with particular emphasis on the the current status including SWOT analysis, and a plan to solve problems (problems encountered, conclusions and recommendations).

In order to verify the validity of the analytical elements, the results of one month’s work completed by the junior teams were examined by their mentors – the senior experts – along with their proposed solutions and the possibilities of applying them in practice.

Of course, just how successful the junior experts were in this process will be „evaluated“ by the owners and managers of the above mentioned companies – during the second visit when they are presented with the findings and recommendations for how the problems identified may be resolved.

According to the junior experts, it was a very interesting and challenging experience to see how companies operate in real terms, and in particular how employers respond to reviews and recommendations coming from ‘outside’. In most cases, the response was positive with employers willing to accept the solutions suggested or, at the very least, reflect on and correct their own opinions and judgements. In this way, according to one senior expert, employers can familiarise themselves with a view from a different perspective, a position from which their business is made more visible. „Daily survival“ is by no means uncommon and some businesses are often deprived of their own management opportunities to creatively see their actual positions and possibilities and therefore fail to take advantage of potential opportunities.