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Completion of free consultancy process for small and medium-sized enterprises in South Banat

Five months after the first visit and talks to discuss the key issues of current operations, development problems and challenges with the owners and top management of 30 small and medium-sized enterprises in South Banat, the final stage in the process of providing free consulting services has come to an end.

South Banat senior and junior experts involved in the Project „Support to SME – the Wheel of Development in the Region“, which is funded by the EU within the framework of the second Call of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Serbia, were tasked with proposing specific solutions and actions to improve the business of the companies following a detailed analysis of each one. Since the process was time-limited, the proposals were formulated in such a way that they could be implemented in the short term without the need for additional funding or using very small amounts.

The aspects analysed differed from company to company, but included elements of the financial statements, requirements for management controls relating to quality, production and sales sectors and issues concerned with marketing and development strategies.


In most cases, the businessmen reacted positively when it came to accepting the opinions and attitudes of people who were „outsiders“ and who had evaluated and analyzed business operations of their companies, frequently including them themselves as the owners or directors of the company.

The report from the third visit was formulated so that, in addition to the key issues identified during the first visit, it included information on the proposals made by the consultants, the measures implemented by the company in the meantime as well as their effects and finally the measures not implemented together with the reasons why they had been not been implemented.

It was during this third and last company visit, we became convinced of the willingness of the entrepreneurs to apply some of the proposed solutions to their business. For one group of suggestions, senior and junior experts were given assurances that they will be included in the company’s list of development priorities for the future.