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Closing Conference of the Project held

Caraş-Severin Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Resita, our Romanian partner in the Project „Support to SME – the Wheel of Development in the Region“, hosted a group of approximately 100 businessmen who attended the rally to mark the completion of Project activities.

It was an opportunity for those involved to present the results and effects of the development of mentoring and consulting services for small and medium enterprises in Central and South Banat on the Serbian side and Karaš – Severin on the Romanian side.

The Partners stated that it had been an interesting experience working with senior and junior managers, as well as the owners and directors of companies who recognised an interest in and the need for the development of consulting services in the Serbian and Romanian market.


The knowledge, skills and experience of the businessmen and their willingness to share their knowledge with others and put them into practice in other companies represents a significant potential for improving the situation in the consulting services market.

The lack of funds and the unwillingness of senior management in companies to accept help from “outsiders” were cited as obstacles to the growth and improvement of service activities.

The closing conference of the Project was also the occasion for the relevant institutions to discuss the measures and recommendations for improving the economic development of the cross-border region.

Preparing joint projects funded within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Serbia is one possible way to solve common problems related to economic development.

The institutional and sectoral cooperation between all stakeholders is another important feature in the field of regional development, whereby appropriate solutions may be formulated for complex problems.